RE Diary - Through the coffee trail of Chikmagluru.

12:29 PM

Chikmagluru is famous for its coffee and hmm what else? Yes! It's glorious coffee trails. You can get lost in its charm and beauty. What else you need for a rider?

Well, this memory is from my last monsoon ride to Chikmaglur in the first week of June. My friends had bought the newly released Himalayan and what way to test them other than the monsoon ride to the coffee trails.

We left on early Saturday morning to this adventure. Took the Hassan road, aim was to be in Chikmagluru by lunch and enjoy the rainy evening. And everything went according to the plan.

That's me telling, God is great!

Pristine roads of Chikmagluru

As we neared Chikmagluru, we were welcomed by the rain.

The ride and the riders

We trekked to this near by hill to our home stay

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Slow shutter speed.
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