RE diary - The abandoned Church of Shettihalli

6:12 AM

The abandoned Rosary Church of Shettihalli was one of my longest pending bucket list. This gorgeous Church was built by French in 1860. In 1960, the construction of Hemavathi dam and reservoir submerged this Church.

Even today during the monsoon this Church gets submerged in water, In summer when the water retreats, it rises above like a phoenix.

This Church is about 25 km from the Hassan city. On Bangalore- Mangalore highway you have need to take left after Hassan and go inside the country road for about 25 km.

Yes, thats me at the Church

Falcon rests in front of Shettihalli Church

Pretty much dried reservoir

Well, I plan to visit this place again in Monsoon just to canoe through its glorious arcs.

Things to take care:
1. During weekends, you can easily see riders come and go to this place. Thanks to Facebook.
2. The approach road to the church is good, hence now worry.
3. Carry your own water and food if you plan to eat.
4 Don't litter the place.

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