Scuba diving in Eilat

12:01 PM

We had only one day and we badly wanted to Scuba dive in Eilat, one of the best scuba diving places in the world. The water here is crystal clear and the reefs are gorgeous.

We created a packed schedule to only fit the scuba diving in the itinerary.  We took a night bus to Eilat. The plan was to scuba dive by morning 9, finish strolling by lunch and travel back to Tel Aviv by night.

We took a bus to Eilat from central bus station Tel Aviv. The bus journey takes around 5-6 hours for 350 kms. We reached Eilat by morning 5 and got a room for 2 hours. The hotel owner surprisingly spoke Hindi :)

There are lot of places near the beach where they take you to scuba dive for 150 shekels. The session is for half an hour or one tank of oxygen and with a guide along with you.

Other side is Jordan 

Eilat beach

Distance from Tel aviv- 350kms
Connectivity - Well connected by buses and flights from Tel Aviv.
Season - Avoid summer, it gets steaming hot.
Places to stay - Many budget hotels available.

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