Unexplored Karwar - Nagarmadi waterfall

8:01 AM

I first read about this waterfall few years back in a Kannada magazine. Even though it was just 20km from my home in Karwar I never visited it all these years until now.

Yesterday I decided to go there with my school friend. The waterfall is about 12 km from Karwar towards Chendia village. You need to walk/trek for about a KM to reach the falls. I will share the GPS coordinates for it since there are no signboards to guide you.

A 360 degree view
Entry to the waterfall starts from here
Trek path

Waterfall behind the rock

Front view

Below the rock

Waterfall from top

GPS coordinates..

1. The rocks in the waterfall are slippery.
2. The water below the rock is pretty deep, so do not take a dive if you don't know swimming.
3. Careful while barefoot walking as the broken glasses everywhere.

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  1. Been to this beautiful place yesterday. Its really amazing, but one needs to be extremly careful as depth of water below that huge rock is close to around 25 feet. Non swimmers... Beware...

  2. Hello,
    I have read your post "Karwar - Nagarmadi waterfall". I love visiting India, it is really very incredible country. I mostly visit India every year with my family. I am working in Vancouver pr firm and in winter season, I take one month holiday for trip to India with family, because my family love to visit India. They love Indian spicy food. It is very delicious. Thanks for the post. I will surely visit this place next time, when I visit India.
    Best regards


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