Unexplored treasure - Tilmati beach, Karwar

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Tilmati beach, Majali is one of the most secluded beaches in India. The beach which is the border to Karnataka-Goa, is accessible only by 1 km hike. Hence the pristine beauty of the beach. This beach becomes completely inaccessible during harsh Monsoon, so the good season to visit it will be after monsoon.

 Tilmati literally translates to sesamesand, or the sand that looks like sesame. Right, the entire beach is made of black sand of basaltic rock which is so finely grained over the course of thousands of years by waves hitting the rocks. To the surprise, this is the only 100 meters stretch of the beach where you will find such sand whereas to the south just 1km away, Majali beach thrives with white/yellow sand.


The beach is about 14kms away from Karwar town and can be approached by any 4 wheelers till Majali. There is a govt bus which also runs this route once in 2 hours. Your car parking spot should be Gabitwada, Majali. From here the hike of 1km starts.

Majali beach

The hike to beach covers crossing a small stream, then climbing a small hill with Arabian sea on your left side. There is a trail but you can even ask locals for help if you spot any.

The rocky path on the left side is your trail to the beach

Tilmati beach

Sand of Tilamti

Tilmati beach from the other end

Tilmati beach - other view


By bus - Hourly shuttle between Karwar to Gabitwada ( Get down at Gabitwada)
By car - Gabitwada

Distance - 14kms from Karwar

Hike time - 15 min

Commercialisation - Absolutely no, carry water and snacks.

People - Friendly.

Map - 

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  1. Tilmati beach, Majali is a virgin black sand beach at the karnataka - goa border in karwar. we had been there in october good climate. There is a 1 km trek from the high way, had meet dilip from the village, a local guide, took us to the place and explained us the beauty of the beach. it was worth it. you can contact him at 9742504955/9686928585.



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