Monsoon ride - Day 5 - Halebidu to Sringeri

8:59 AM

And we parted our ways.  Vadya left to Bangalore and I turned the handlebar towards the mountains. The mountains were calling and I couldn't say no. The early morning checkout at Halebidu and quick ride to Chikmaglur for breakfast. The routes were new and I was riding solo this time. Highway signboards didn't disappoint. I headed to Mullayanagiri first without knowing what will I do for the rest of the day. The morning was surreal and quiet. The road to the peak of Mullayangiri offered many twists and turns. The rain soaked sholas were pitch green. 

Mullayanagiri parking lot

Falcon cruised through the snake alike roads like it enjoyed it to the core. While people were just waking up to the rooster's crowing in nearby villages, I was on the top of the highest hill in Karnataka. Let me tell you one thing about Mullayanagiri, winds are crazy here. Sometimes, you feel like it is blowing you away. 

Road to Mullayanagiri

Other side of Mullayanagiri

I spent some time at the peak, frequently checking myself that I have not blown away in the wind. 
Thats me showing the altitude

As the tourists started pouring in, I decided to go away. Time now was to goto my next destination which I had not decided yet. The one which was in mind was  Kalhatti waterfall but a localite told me the road to it is pathetic and is not worth the travel. So, I decided to visit Baba budangiri. A dattapeetha at the top of Baba budanagiri hills, again one of the highest roads in Karanataka. To my surprise, the roads here were concrete. Falcon cruised easily to the the Dattapeetha.

Where do I go next? I was in no mood to stop, so I rode on the edges of the hills, aimless, time unbound, fearless. The wind on the Baba budangiri was no less, tried to move me more towards edges but falcon cruised as it mapped the entire range on its wheels.

There was a small waterfall on the top of the hill. I didn't like it much. Avoided it and continued my ride until I found a ruins of what seemed like a bungalow. Perfect photography spot. 

A small lake on top of Baba Budangiri

That's the trail I took..

Manikyadhara waterfall

I put a brake to my adrenaline rush. I had to ride back to the next place which was probably Sringeri. I climbed down the valley, touched footpegs and now I was hungry. Rode as fast as possible to Chikmaglur because that was the only place I was familiar with. After a quick lunch I headed to Sringeri which is again more than hundred kms away. 

On the way to Sringeri, I found this interesting coffee hut. The coffee here was amazing. Helped me revive after the rain soaked ride.


I reached Sringeri by 5, found a room, freshened up  and had the Masala dosa quickly before heading to the temple. 

Stone carved math of Sringeri
Masala dosa to the rescue

Day 5 Ride: Halebidu -> Belur -> Mullayanagiri -> Baba Budangiri -> Sringeri

Route Map:

National Parks covered: Bhadra WS
Waterfalls covered: Manikyadhara waterfall
Total distance traveled: 259 kms

Ramnath's happiness index: 9/10.

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