Monsoon ride - Day 4 - Puttur to Halebidu

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Day 4 started with our visit to Ermayi waterfall. Vadya's friend had joined us for the day on his Duke. He had previously been to the waterfall which requires a bit of off roading.

As we headed towards the Charmadi ghats, we need to take a left turn at Mundaje. There are no road signs available for this waterfall. So, you need to turn on the maps or ask locals. The access to this waterfall covers a stream crossing,  ride through some farms and a small 1 km trek in the jungle. This waterfall is pristine and untouched.

Ermayi Waterfall

Blue Mormon

Waterfall 360
Water crossing

Vadya water crossing

Yummy lunch before Charmadi ghats

We spent an hour or so at the waterfall and rode to Charmadi hills. Charmadi ghat section has 12 hairpin curves. The roads in this ghat section are very narrow. We spent some time photographing the ghats. The ascent and decent at the ghat was challenging with trucks and their rash driving. Touched foot pegs.

Thick forest as seen from Charmadi hills

View from Charmadi ghats

After ride down the hill, we headed towards Beluru. A temple town in Hassan district. It is renowned for the Chennakeswara temple which was built by Hoysala dynasty.  We explored the temple for some time.

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Belur temple

Priest and his temple
After a nice cup of tea and snack in Belur, we headed towards Halebidu, which was resting point for the day. After checking out 1-2 hotels(halebidu doesnt offer wide options), we settled down in the KSTDC hotel.

After freshen up, we visited the Hoysaleshwara temple in the town. The temple complex comprises two Hindu temples. After spending some time, we left to a temple on the hill to watch sunset.

That's me


Halebidu temple

Sunset at Halebidu

After the dusk, we spent photographing night sky in Halebidu. An hour of power cut in the area yielded some very good results.

Hoysaleshwara temple

Day 1 Ride: Puttur-> Ermayi waterfall -> Charmadi hills -> Belur -> Halebidu 

Route Map:

National Parks covered: Western ghats
Waterfalls covered: Ermayi waterfall
Total distance traveled: 182 kms

Ramnath's happiness index: 7/10.

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