Birding - Hesarghatta grassland.

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Hesaraghatta Lake is a manmade reservoir located 18 km to the north-west of Bengaluru in Karnataka state, India. It is a fresh water lake created in the year 1894 across the Arkavathy River to meet the drinking water needs of the city. The lake is approachable by road from Bangalore at a distance of 26.5 km to the north-west of the City.  However now only remains of the lake remain as the lake was last filled completely about 15 years back. This has caused a vast area of grassland which has attracted wide variety of birds. Over the weekends, these grasslands have become popular among bird watchers.

This was my second visit to the lake in last 2 years. So I have combined the images from both trips. Have a look and enjoy :)

The Indian Silverbill

Pariah Kite
Tri colored Munia

Purple Heron
Pied bushchat- Female
Pied bushchat - Male
Red-wattled lapwing
Oriental Skylark
Ashy crowned Sparrow Lark
Green Bee Eater

Scaly breasted Munia


The Plain tiger
The Blue Tiger

Common Zezebel
Grass Yellow
Striped Tiger

And some misc photographs:

Manmade bird
Falcon rests while I photograph

And cute puppy which was happy to play with me

Not to do. 

Do not ride/drive on the lakebed as this will seriously disturb the wildlife. There were reports in media about some people chasing the birds in Car. Please do not do that. Park your vehicle and walk around the lakebed. Its a good exercise. Also you get to catch better birds as they do not fly away.

Few Details:
  • Best time to visit is Monsoon
  • There are no shops nearby, so carry food and water
  • If you are into birding then you can easily spend half a day photographing.

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