Escape: Kadugodi Forest trail.

7:26 AM

It's been 4 years since I moved to Whitefield. They say, sometimes the thing that you search in the whole world, is right next to you. Well, I never expected a forest trail so close to my house. This was just 4 kms away. A Jungle amidst the concrete jungle.

On this lazy Sunday afternoon I thought why not cycle to the nearby lake of  Sadaramangala Lake which is right behind the Pretsige Shanti Niketan along the Bangalore- Chennai Rail route. On the way while cycling I noticed a trail which goes inside Kadugodi Reserve forest. Well, after that I couldn't resist biking in this small but beautiful trail :)

Sadaramangala Lake

To go left or to go right

And I chose the left

I call it the snake trail

A ridge with a pond on right side.

At the end of the tunnel

You see light.

Enjoy the video. Apologies for the portrait view and the shaky video. It was taken with a phone.



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Slow shutter speed.
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