Vegetation at our farm in Karwar

12:31 AM

I tried to document vegetation at our farm in Karwar. We are now close to growing sustainable food for the family. I was lazy to carry DSLR. So all the pictures are taken with Nexus 5. Apologies for the not so good quality. I will try to name some vegetables in Konkani, Kannada and English names. I ofcourse don't know what some vegetables are called. So I call for help in the comment section.

Sagavani - Sagavani mara - Teak wood.

Aambe - Maavu - Mango

Phanne paalo - Oggarane soppu - Curry leaves

Maad - Tengina Mara - Coconut tree

Khavche paan - Ele - Betel leaf

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Ananas - Ananas - Pineapple

Gardude - Boodu gumbalakyi - Bottle guard

teel - Ellu - 

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  1. Superb, where is this exactly? I am from Nandangadda, Karwar. I am interested to start commercial agriculture soon in and around Karwar.


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