Escape: Royal ride to Horsley Hills.

7:00 PM

Horsley hills is a hill resort in Andhra Pradesh about 120 Kms from Bangalore. The hill is near Madanpalle town. The hill offers a good road for riders who want to get away from Bangalore on a weekend.

My friends Mahesh is from MadanPalle. He once had asked me to come to his place. So, one jobless weekend I decided to goto his place. I ganged up with 3 more friends of mine and we left to Madanpalle on Saturday afternoon. We reached Madanpalle by 4'o clock. Horsley hill is about 25 kms from his house, last 10km being riding on the hill just like Nandi Hills but a much denser forest.

There is no entry ticket to the hill and the bike goes till the top of the hill. The hill offers 2-3 sunset points. The hill hosts a resort where you can stay for the night but you need to book the rooms in advance by AP tourism website. There is a restaurant and bar on the top of the hill.

The sunset here was splendid. I carried my tripod with me thinking that I will be able to do some night photography but I conveniently forgot that its a Full moon night.

Sunset at Horsley hills

That's me

View of the town after the sunset

That's all of us

After spending some time in the quiet night we had some food at the restaurant and left to Mahesh's house in Madanpalle. He was generous to offer us food and stay :)

Next morning he took us to MahaMallaswara hills which is about 10 kms from Madanpalli. You need to offroad to reach the top of the hill. Off road was quite fun. There is a Shiva temple on the top of the hill. You can  see the town MadanPalle from the top of the hill

Enjoying the view

Shiva temple on the top of the hill

That's us again.

Here is the link to the offroading video.

1. Horsley hill is about 120 km from Bangalore. A 2 hour ride.
2. There is a guesthouse and restaurant on the top of the hill.
3. MadanPalle is near by town
4. MahaMallaswara hills is about 10 kms from MadanPalle on the way to Bangalore.
5. One needs to offroad to reach the hill or simply walk.

Happy Riding :)

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