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Imagine Goa non commercialized with empty beaches, vivid nature, that's Karwar for you. Nestled on the Arabian Sea right below Goa on the map this small port town attracts very few tourists. Splendid none the less this small town has many hidden beautiful beaches and serves as a center to many surrounding spots.
Frankly speaking Karwar is a place to relax. If you are hoping to find mad crowd, night parties or any such happening things then just drive few kilo meters away to Goa as Karwar will be a disappointment for you. However, if you plan to enjoy a nice relaxed holiday then visit to Karwar

So, lets buckle up and ride the journey through a beautiful destination called Karwar.

Places to see in Karwar:

Rabindranath Tagore Beach:
Sunset at Rabindranath Tagore beach

I remember this beach was just called Karwar beach. Then someday a genius came up with an idea to call it Rabindranath Tagore Beach. They say he was inspired to write our National Anthem seeing the beauty of Karwar. This beach is right adjacent to the town and you can see it while driving on NH 17. During dusk the whole town gathers on this beach considering the population of Karwar town don't be surprised. During District Commissioner Nilay Mitash's office, this beach got many rectifications. A toy train was started near by but now all you can see is its ruins.

Just next to this beach is Naval museum. Its the third in this country after Vizag and Mumbai, a retired naval ship is converted to Warship Museum. With a ticket of 20 Rs you can go inside this air conditioned ship and watch a 20 minutes long documentory about Indian Navy.

Just next to this Museum is a Marine Aquarium which houses many fishes of the Arabian Sea. I dont remember when I went there last time. But it had a small entry fee of 5Rs.

Next to Aquarium is Musical Fountain. Opened after 7 pm it carries out show every half an hour.

Devbag Beach:
View from Devbag beach

Devbag is an estuary beach where the river Kali meets Arabian sea. Covered in Coniferous trees this beach houses Karnataka State Tourism's jungle resort. Speed boat, Banana boat, Water scooter, Dolphin ride, visit to nearby Island and many more activities are conducted by the resort. Resort also has 3 house boats which mock Kerala back water kind service in Kali back waters.

Tilmathi Beach
Tilmathi Beach:

Known to very few people, this beach is on the border of Karnataka and Goa. Entry to this beach is via Majali Beach. You have to climb up small hills in order to get here. The beach is filled with black rock and black sands.

Sadashivgad Fort:

This fort was built by a King named Sadashiv under Shivaji dynasty. There are ruins of this fort remaining and a new resort is built up there. I hav
e no idea how they got permission to build resort inside a monument like Fort. Entry to this fort is through Sadashivgad.

Mudgeri dam:

Mudgeri dam
In Karwar also few people know about this dam. Its basically a water storage built for irrigation purposed near border village called Mudgeri. If you reach Majali then any one can direct you to this dam.

I will be updating this blog with all travel information. Stay tuned.

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