The Royal Road Diary

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"Adventure must  start with running away from home". May be that is the reason I chose Royal Enfield over all other bikes. After waiting for almost a year I had finally got a call that my bike has arrived. This black beast (I call it Falcon) makes people on the street to turn around and look at it again. In this blog post I will try to write about the journeys I took on this bike.

Falcon resting at garage

Ride to Nandi Hills [ 30/09/2012]:

On the way to Nandi Hills
    Nandi Hills is a hill fortress in Chikballapur Taluk near Bangalore. It is about 70kms from Bangalore city. You have to follow new Airport road beyond Devanhalli. You have to take left turn from the Ballary road and head towards the Nandi village. At the base of the hill, there is a check post where your bike documents especially insurance is checked. Dont forget to take your insurance document without which further entry is not allowed. After this check point the road narrows down and you have to follow a snake alike curly road to get to the top which is about 7kms. There is a big parking lot for both cars and bikes. Entry ticket of 30rs has to be collected before getting in.
    On the top there is an old Nandi Temple. You can see a beautiful sunrise from the top of the hill. There are many hotels for having breakfast. Usually during weekends Nandi Hills is over crowded. So, avoid going during weekend. 

Camping at Anthargange [ 14/12/2012]:

        Geminid Meteor shower camping was on our mind and we had to pick a place for camping. Anthargange was well suited as we had been there before and  we knew we could take our bikes till the top. Anthargange is about 80 Km from Bangalore off Old Madras road. You have to go inside Kolar town and from there the 2nd left takes you till the top of the hill. There is a village and a mosque on the top. You could find many places  amid rocks for camping. There is another way to the top via a temple for which you have to park your vehicle down and trek about 3-4 Km. This route is not advised during night since parking at the base is not safe.  

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