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Music is everywhere. From the whistle of the wind to the kuhoo of nightingale, from rustling, to the cry of a baby, you see it in every part of this beautiful nature. Then came the mankind. They had this intelligent mind, they wanted to do something for the fun time.They invented this funny things which made funny sounds out of it and they called it instruments,musical instruments. First it was a self leisure, soon turned out they had to do it for the leisure of their leaders and by the time they realized it, it had grown out to be a money making business. Then they had so many different artists, they were called musicians.  Different genres were formed to distinguish the music. Thus evolved the music.

As I am not sure what happened before 50's, what Im gonna tell you about is some songs which some great people wrote about travel. Bob Dylan isnt a bad start, is he?  He has been one of my favorite musician of all time. As you could see, my first blog here was about him. In 1965 he wrote a song, it was called 'Like a rolling stone". The song expressed resentment and a yearning for revenge. It stood out against the society and became an anthem for the people loving freedom. Here is the 6:00 min long legendary track.

Country and Folk are my favorite genres. One of the most influential figures in the rock era was John Denver. Writing a song 'Leaving on a jet plane' and he himself dying in a plane crash is a bit irony. Nonetheless the song is melodious and a perfect one when you are leaving someone close to you for travel.

And this song by Steppenwolf, originally written by Mars Bonfire was an attitude shown by the bike riders. The song basically indicates the live free or die hard attitude of the riders who would like to live life free falling.


I only like few artists, and Bruce Springsteen is definitely not one of them. But some of his song I still hum some times. And  this one is one of them. This one stood at #21 at Rolling Stones 500 best rock songs of all time.

Late 80's and 90's emerged as the Grunge era in the music. Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder were one of the influential figures. Few years back there was this movie about Christopher McCandless, "Into the Wild". Some might call him an idiot or a mad person but a hiker like me will understand what was he thinking. Eddie Vedder had composed songs for this movie. The whole album has been my favorite but I like this one especially. 

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