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Anthargange is a small hill situated in the Kolar district of Karnataka, about 60kms from Bangalore. Hill is basically formed of Volcanic rocks which creates some small caves kind structure amid rocks. The place is famous for rock climbing, hiking as many adventure groups in Bangalore often carry out their activities around the area.

Planning of the Camp:
We were a group of 14 from my office, the main idea of this outing was to camp somewhere in the night. Lot of googling answered  this place as suitable for the night trek and camping. We had all the basic accessories like tents, required for the camping .One of us got bbq stand for making barbeque at the night.

Camp day:
We all got together at a common place in Bangalore on the camp day and left bangalore by 4pm in the evening. Madrass road gives you a pleasant journey as the highway is too good for driving. At the Kolar bridge you hav to take left turn, which intern taken you to the Kolar city. The road to Anthargange crosses next to the new KSRTC bus stand. We stopped there for snacks and collected some required things. Drive along the way for 2kms, you reach a big arch. You can park your vehicles there for the night. Place seems safe to park your cars.

Trek starts:

We distributed food, camping luggage equally among us and started trekking. Steps are neatly maintained and continue for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you reach a temple which is the anthargange temple. Walk around the temple and you find steps to go to the top. At some places steps are carved on the rock while at other places you have to walk through the rocks to reach top. It took us 1 hour to reach on the top and we found a plane place for camping. We put  tents, some guys collected woods from the bushes. And finally tents, campfire,  bbq stand were ready for the nightout.

Next day morning:
Nightout went well and next day we got up early in the morning to see sunrise. But the place was completely immersed in fog and the visibility had dipped to 5 meters. We couldnt see sunrise. Then we started hunting for caves. We walked along and found some villages on the top. Those villages had electricity and are well connected by road. We finaly found a cave which was just a small place amid rocks. We took some early morning photos and started climbing down. Climbing down was quite easy for everyone and we were down at the parking lot  within half an hour.

Trekking details:
Starting point: 2kms from Kolar town.
Endpoint: Summit of Anthargange
Connectivity from Bangalore: Well connected by bus and train
Journey hours: 2hours from Bangalore
Trekking distance: 3-4 kms

Trekking season: All time

Difficulty level:

Must carry:

  • Water
  • Good trekking shoes
  • Food
  • Sleeping bag or tent if you are planning for night trekking
  • flashlight, first aid kit and knife

Important guidelines:
  • You can take help of locals to explore caves on the top.
  • The summit is also connected by road which goes around the hill. So, walking is not the only option

Total trekking time:
  1hour to reach summit

Trekking rules:
  • Do not throw anything during the trek. Keep the trekking place clean for the following trekkers.

Happy Trekking :)

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  1. GREAT BLOG!!! Checked out all your trekking posts and really found it interesting!

  2. Hello, do we need any permission for night camping? is it safe?


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